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Below are some very useful links and resources to help learner drivers during and after taking driving lessons.

Learner drivers using a car on the public roads in the United Kingdom (UK) must be at least 17 years of age. If you receive mobility allowance at the highest rate you may start learning at 16 years. Learners must also hold a valid provisional driving licence. You can apply for online provisional at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (D.V.L.A). To get a full driving licence you will need to be successful in passing a driving theory test and practical driving test.

Learning with a driving instructor

The most recommended and effective way to get your full drivers licence is with training from an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I) who has the experience to teach the best practises for driving a car safely. These highly trained professionals have pass 3 qualifying examiniations and have approval from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (D.V.S.A) to provide vehicle training to the general public for money, or monies worth. Approved instructors understand the required good standards and routines required for passing both the theory test and driving test. Good instructors teach drivers skills for life also.

Choosing a course

Each driver learns in differents way and has different preferred ways of learning. Most people learn with weekly tuition at a steady pace and other choose and intensive course. It can often take a few sessions on the road to fully understand how you respond best to car training and you and your instructor can adapt the tuition where necessary.

Useful Links

RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

A specialist place for people looking for training using automatic car is at LS Automatic driving school. Tuition from very experienced approved male and female instructors teach safe test passing tips and driver education.

The official Pass Plus website contains information on how the better your road skills.