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Our 10-hour driving course is a great choice for experienced learners looking to fine tune their driving skills, ready to take their test!


If you're near test standard, but need to improve in a couple of areas, then this course could be the one for you. During this course, you'll spend your lessons adding finesse to your existing ability and ironing out any problems you've been experiencing with your driving. This could also be a good option for someone who's recently failed their test and needs to correct a few mistakes to become completely test ready.


You'll work through our exclusive 'learning map' and be introduced to our cutting-edge techniques and technologies, and with our fully qualified, friendly instructors at hand, we'll work together to ensure that you reach your learning targets within weeks of booking in.


Together with your instructor, you'll identify and work your weak spots that have been holding you back, RH Driving School will ensure that the knowledge you've gained is fresh in your mind, enabling you to take on your practical test with confidence.



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Intensive Option: £850

(run over 1-2 weeks)

We offer a 20-hour driving course specifically designed for learners who need to improve their driving abilities, feel like there are halfway they and have spent some time on the road. This course is great for anyone with basic driving skills, but we know that some people are at a lower level and need help improving their driving.

This is an ideal option for any learner who's confident in many areas of driving but hasn't yet mastered some of the more complex skills that will appear on their test. During your lessons, you'll polish your existing abilities and work on new ones, ensuring that you'll be able to competently complete even the trickiest manoeuvre by the time your practical comes around.


Our fast-tracking service can save you valuable preparation time before making your final decision, we will structure your course around this date, so you’ll feel prepared for your practice as you head in.


Meanwhile, you can control the pace of your lessons and can ensure that your course is structured so that you’re well prepared for your upcoming practical test, we make it easy for you to get behind the wheel.

Lessons are planned around your busy schedule, these are normally anything from 1.5hr – 2.5hr

in duration and designed to ensure you are given the best possible chance to pass your test on the first attempt.


Our instructors are passionate and dedicated to teaching you, they are also happy to help with any questions about the process or your progress with your lesson plan.


Students will have access to their own Total Drive App profile, this will help take the stress away of asking yourself “when’s my next lesson?” it will even send you a lesson reminder 48Hrs prior via text message. It also has a facility where you can track your progress, reflective on any lessons you have done and help stay in touch with your instructor.



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Intensive Option: £1,250

(run over 1-2 weeks)

With a 30-hour driving course from us, even the most inexperienced learner can get their licence within months. We take your strengths and weaknesses into account, making sure that you're progressing at a pace that's right for you and because we're not a franchise with a corporate agenda, our instructors are just here to help you become a safe and responsible driver.


Our course is designed to take learners through all the elements of getting behind the wheel and giving them the skills to become safe and confident drivers. At your side will be an experienced driving instructor, who'll help you to gain not only confidence, but good driving habits that last a lifetime.


Our 30-hour course is available both fully intensively or semi-intensively, it’s a great option that suits plenty of learners, from relative newcomers to those returning to driving after a break.



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Intensive Option: £1,650

(run over 1-3 weeks)

For those who haven't driven much before but still want to get their licence quickly, our 40-hour course is an ideal choice.


We'll match you up to one of our approved driving instructors, who'll patiently teach you everything you need to know to get your licence within weeks. You'll also learn to drive at the pace of the average learner rather than that of the pro driver. It's a great introduction to driving for anyone who wants to progress confidently towards their dream of driving safely.

Our courses are designed to allow you to study at a pace that fits your life. You can choose to learn fully intensively, or you can break the content down into bite-size chunks and study at a more relaxed pace. Either way, our fast-track practical test service can help you skip the queues and secure appointments weeks or months earlier than usual.

With first-class customer support, home and workplace pickups, and no end of glowing customer reviews, there's no shortage of reasons to book with us.

Don't delay! Book today, and pass with us.

Please Note:


  • When choosing our Intensive Course option, full payment MUST be made prior to starting.

  • Fees do not include 1st Practical Test, RH Driving School will waiver the fee for taking any student to a 2nd resit.

  • You must have a Practical Test date prior to starting your lessons.


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What is Pass Plus?


Pass Plus is a short DVSA Approved driving course totalling six hours, this is designed to help newly qualified motorists improve their skills and safety.


You can take it any time after you’ve passed your practical driving test but it’s usually most beneficial in your first year of driving as most road accidents occur within the first 12 months of a new driver getting their licence.


The course isn’t compulsory, and there’s no formal test, but to receive a Pass Plus Certificate you will need to have reached the required standard when you’re assessed after each module.

Why should I do Pass Plus?


Not only will you improve your driving skills and confident in different driving conditions, but most leading insurance companies offer you a discount on your motor insurance!

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What do I learn on a Pass Plus course?


The course is split into six modules, which all cover various aspects of daily driving, These are the following:


1. Town driving

As the majority of motorists will experience urban driving the most, this module can be invaluable in helping you to brush up your observational skills and increase your awareness levels.


You’ll learn how to navigate complex junctions, underpasses and tram, bus and cycle lanes.


2. All-weather driving

If you haven’t driven in extreme weather conditions before, it can be advantageous to learn how to cope with heavy rain, snow, ice, fog and dazzling sunshine.


Preventing and handling skidding is also covered in this section, as well as why stopping distances are reduced in bad weather.


3. Driving on rural roads

Driving in the countryside brings with it different risks to driving in built-up areas, including blind bends, animals in the road and overtaking slow vehicles.


This section looks at safe passing places and what to do when you encounter sharp corners, horse riders, cyclists, farm vehicles and debris in the road.


4. Night driving

You might not have had much experience of night driving before passing your test, so this module can help boost your confidence when taking to the roads after dark.


It deals with the correct use of headlamps, adjusting to different light levels, getting used to being dazzled and judging speeds and distance.


5. Driving on dual carriageways

You should have driven on dual carriageways before your test, but you might not feel as though you’ve fully got to grips with them.


This module focuses on joining and leaving the carriageway via slip roads, as well as overtaking, lane discipline and safe distances.


6. Driving on motorways

Although learners can now have lessons on motorways with an approved instructor, you probably won’t have spent much time on them and could still find them intimidating.

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