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RH Driving School , your leading driving school in Shropshire. 

Our vision is to be a leader in intensive driving training and driver development, providing an exciting and engaging way for learners to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in a safe, controlled environment.

We provide our clients with a complete, comprehensive driving course which they can take in a time and place convenient to them. We offer a fast, effective solution to help you get on the road!

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About Us

RH Driving School is a new approach to driving training. We are a driving school that takes the stress out of driving. We are passionate about providing a fun and effective learning experience. We make learning to drive a positive and exciting experience from day one.

Our goal is to have the learner feel comfortable and confident quickly. We pride ourselves on our friendly, relaxed, and professional approach.

We love teaching. We are driven by it. Our passion for driving and educating others comes from seeing our graduates' huge benefits from learning to drive. We want every learner to have fun while they learn to drive and to feel confident and safe behind the wheel.


Our unique approach is based on creating a supportive learning environment where our learners can build confidence and independence and become safe and competent drivers.

We are a team of enthusiastic, highly experienced, professional instructors that have put together a unique approach to the traditional driver training course. We are here to help people of all ages improve their driving skills, gain confidence, and be able to drive confidently and safely in the future.

How We Started

With the launch of our driver training courses in 2019, we set out to change the way people get trained on safe driving skills and designed our programs to be user-friendly and informative so that people of any age could use them without a problem. Today, we offer a range of courses at varying price points, including our beginner’s course and more advanced courses for those who already have experience. We are not just here to train you on a certain topic, we are here to help you learn whatever you want to know, whenever you want to learn it

Where We Are Now

We cover all areas of Shropshire, delivered thousands of lessons to date and offer a range of courses, including theory, practical and defensive driving.

Where We’re Going

Our goal is to provide quality training, in a professional environment. This means a warm welcome from all our instructors, an open dialogue during the sessions, and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which allows students to succeed. We believe that everyone deserves to be trained to a high standard and given every opportunity to pass their practical driving test First Time!


How It Works

  • Choose Your Course: We offer manual driving courses, and there are different options available to ensure a great experience.

  • Paying the Course Fee: You can pay the course fee via a secured Bank Transfer or use the online payment system, on our Total Drive App, it’s hassle-free and saves a lot of time.

  • Booking your Theory or Practical Driving test: We will work with you and guide you through the process of securing the perfect test date for you so that you can pass well ahead of the usual waiting times.

  • And Drive: With us, you get the fastest, most convenient way to learn. We offer flexible scheduling options so that you can fit your schedule around your classes and can take lessons on the go and you'll get all the tools you need to succeed, including FREE access to our Total Drive APP, which enables you to keep track on all your lessons, any last-minute changes, and an automated 48hr lesson reminder sent to you via text!  The App will also keep you up to date with your personal progress chart and includes a reflection log area of each lesson for you to use, it will even allow parents to access your profile to see how you are getting on!

Our Courses

  • Beginner Courses: Our courses are taught in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and taught by qualified instructors. The training will teach you a range of new skills, such as how to drive and maintain your vehicle. With our intensive and numerous beginner courses, you can choose to begin driving quickly.

  • Refresher Courses: You’re ready to take your test, but have a few little things that are holding you back? Not to worry, we have refresher crash courses available. We can provide refresher crash courses in just about any type of vehicle you own. Whether you’re trying to get your license, you’re learning to drive for the first time, or you’re just trying to refresh your driving knowledge, we have you covered.

  • Test Ready Check: Had lessons with parents or friends and want to see if you are ready to take you practical driving test? Then why not let one of our experienced instructors sit with you and advice if you are ready or not. 

  • Pass Pluss Training: Once you have passed your practical driving test, why not go that extra mile, and take our Pass Plus 6 Hour course, this is a DVSA Scheme recognised by most leading motor insurance companies, that can help reduce the cost of your motor insurance.

Why Choose Us

Home Pickup

Pick you up at your door and drop you off at a location of your choice.

Affordable Course Fee

Courses start from £350 for 10 hours, and discounts for larger courses purchased.

Experience Instructors

All our instructors are DVSA approved and have a wealth of experience teaching a wide range of students to drive.


We make sure our students are satisfied at every point of contact with them, and our team will support you in every step to ensure you get hassle-free best lessons.

Student Friendly Calendar

Total Drive App, this is your personal diary where you can check all your lesson bookings, receive a 48hr reminder sent via text and track your driving skills progression.

Students Success

Our courses offer students the necessary skills to become safe drivers, training to fit the requirements of any student and we strive to maintain an above DVSA 1st time average pass rate of 52%

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